Benefits of Warning Signs

Warning signs are a practical necessity that most establishments invest in. There are several kinds of signs available and as a business owner or premise owner it is highly beneficial to invest in some.

Most owners put up signs to suit local legal rules however commercial establishments may do so just to protect their staff and visitors. Before you invest in a particular type of warning sign, it helps to assess the benefits and requirements aspect first. Read on to better understand the benefits of signs below.

Enhanced safety measure

A warning sign acts as a safety measure, warning passersby and employees as the case may be of potential threat. This is why construction workers put up signs next to their project site so that passersby and commuters know that they should avoid the area.

This enhanced safety measure helps protect employees and general public, depending on where the sign is placed and for what reason.

Helps avoid accidents

The proper kind of sign when installed at the right place will help prevent unnecessary accidents. For instance, if you have a slippery floor in the office area, it is the responsibility of the cleaning and maintenance staff to put up a “wet floor” caution sign. This will help prevent people from slipping.

A sudden slip due to the absence of a sign can lead to a legal problem at a later stage due to the employer’s ignorance. In fact, several signs are considered to be legal requirements in today’s time. As an owner or manager, it is important that you assess which signs fall in the compulsory category so that you install them on time.

Property protection

If you have a huge circuit or electrical board in your premises but do not put up a sign to inform people that it is there, a sudden accident may lead to property damage. Typically, signs that inform people of hazardous places are meant to ward them off.

Without a proper sign, employees may pass that spot with products that could set off a short circuit or lead to related problems. It is therefore important that you put up signs that help ensure the protection of the property especially in these cases.

Reduces administrative hassles

In several countries, the presence of warning signs is a must. The absence of them may lead to fines and administrative hassles. It is the responsibility of a contractor or business owner to make sure the right signs are put up wherever they are required.

Informative purpose

Beauty and the Business: Appearance and Its Influence on Your Job Search

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…or is it? A study published in the May/June Journal of Social Psychologysuggests otherwise. Stefanie Johnson, assistant professor of management at UC Denver Business School, found beauty in business poses a significant advantage, leading to higher salaries and better performance evaluations. It also gives candidates an edge in the hiring process, according to Johnson.

So what does that mean for all of us “regular” folks? It means you best show up looking your best for that next big interview. For men, this means a suit and tie. Selecting a classic navy is your best bet for a conservative position in industries such as accounting and finance. As for the tie, career and fashion advisor Lizandra Vega advises ensuring your tie makes the right impact. “An impeccable necktie means a flawless reputation,” counsels Vega. Select a quality fabric tie (usually silk), and ensure it is well made, well pressed, and of course, clean. Tie it beautifully and ensure it is cinched all the way to the neck. Choose a traditional pattern that is not too bold or brash so as to detract from the interview.

For women, a skirt suit with low (3 inches or less) is still the safest bet. Conservative accessories such as a pearl necklace frame the face without being a distraction, according to Kat Griffin, fashion blogger to the law and finance industries. Kat’s website is chock full of great fashion tips for women in conservative industries.

But don’t forget, different geographic regions do have a different business attire climate. New York is going to be much more formal than, Denver, for example, while the East Coast is generally more conservative than the West. The best guide for what to wear for the interview is to speak with the HR representative, hiring manager, or recruiter with whom you are working. Asking the question, “what is the interview attire?” can get you off on the right foot before you even walk in the door. But that first impression that comes with the first appearance will not soon be forgotten. After all, how do you think Sarah Palin got such stellar reviews when they announced her candidacy? Just make sure you come prepared with the names of your dailies.

Fire Exit Signs Used in Legal Offices

Fire exit signs are a necessity nowadays. It is not necessary that only a hospital or a school or any profit-making organization should only have these safety signs put up instead putting up of these signs should be made mandatory by law in order to ensure the maximum safety of the people.

Even all the legal offices should put up these signs. Firstly, due to the safety reasons and another reason to set an example to all the other organizations that they should also put up the safety signs just like the legal offices has put up ensuring people’s safety.

Any accident or the fire breakout will not take place with a prior invitation. Therefore, taking all the precautionary actions beforehand by putting up the fire safety signs is always advisable. There should be proper fire safety management plans in every building as it would result in maximum security and less danger.

Importance of the safety signs

The presence of these safety signs in all the legal offices is extremely very important and also ensures a sense of responsibility in the mind of the owners and the management committee. It would ensure the safety of the people.

These signs would help in showing different pathways leading to the exit of the building. These fire escapes are the shortest ways out of the building. This way a lot of people can save their lives and the process of evacuating the building and putting out the fire becomes easier and faster.

The presence of these fire safety signs would serve as an example for the other institutions and organizations to follow the same. Following all the legal offices the other offices and other places would also put up these signs in their buildings ensuring maximum safety and minimum damage to life and property.

These safety signs, will definitely help if it is placed in these offices, even if there are no fire incidents, these signs will not pose any harm but the absence of these signs definitely will be a major problem.

In the absence of these signs, people would not know which path to take as everyone is not aware of every nook and corner of the building. So, the directions on these signs can guide people out of the place.

These fire exit signs, comes in green coloured board which can glow in dark if there is no electricity. So, due to the fire breakout the electricity supply is cut these signs will illuminate light and you will be able to read and follow the direction written on it.

Plus, why to take chances of not putting up these signs in the legal offices. If there happens to be a fire emergency and you do not have these signs put up then you will not only lose a lot of lives but the process of putting out the fire will be delayed and you can lose a lot of important documents.

Liability Due to Lack of Warning Signs

A well placed, clear and legible warning signs can give the owners of the place a protection from the liabilities from injuries occurred on the premises. Safety signs are definitely a necessity everywhere. It makes people aware of the dangers lying ahead, be it a wet floor caution or the quickest possible fire exit.

Slipping due to the absence of the wet floor sign.

There are caution-wet floor sign available in bright yellow colour, to make people aware and avoid the wet floor ahead. In the absence of a sign like this, there can be lawsuits and injury claims brought up by those people who have occurred an injury by falling on the wet floor.

Proper signage

It is the obligation of all the commercial establishments to keep their property safe and from the dangerous conditions or defects which can result in serious injuries. It is their duty to make sure that they are doing everything possible in their power to ensure a hazard free environment.

This duty comprises using all the essential safety signs and putting them properly at the right place. Failing to do so would result in the violation of their duty and if this negligence causes an injury to anybody, that person has the right to compensation for their damages. The damages can include medical bills and also the out of the pockets expenses for other medications, wheelchairs or crutches, sick days or lost wages and also emotional distress.

Injuries caused due to the improper placements or absence of the safety signs.

Do not take the absence of the warning signs lightly. It can cost you much more than you think. You can land up with a sprained and a torn ligaments and muscles along with serious back injuries. You can also fracture your bones and can also get a serious head injury. So why not take precautions beforehand, rather than looking for a cure afterwards.

What to do if you have an injury due to the absence of the safety signs?

Before claiming for a compensation, you need to gather a lot of evidence to prove your claim. Stronger evidence will improve your chances of a substantial injury settlement.

Incident reports and hospital records

Describe your accident in details and make sure to point out enough evidences to the person responsible that due to which reason you incurred an injury and also do not forget to point out the absence of the safety signs. Get a copy of the complete report from the person you explained the incident to and also have all the medical reports of the injuries you occurred from that accident.

Also try to lay your hands on any photographs or videos of your accident to make your claim stronger. Another important thing which you should not forget is to gather witness statements. There might be people around when you would have had the accident. The first thing you should do is that you can ask them to write down whatever they witnesses at the moment. The written proof of that witness should also state the absence of the warning signs when the accident happened.

Reincarnation Case Study – The Mongols and Genghis Khan

Since the 1980s, our past life investigations have led us to conclude that reincarnation is the most reasonable explanation for our startling findings, including dates, little-known customs and practices, and other past life regression specifics that were later verified as legitimate.

How do you access possible past life circumstances? Past life regression with an experienced professional, daily meditation, and past life regression audios are some of the best ways to uncover previous incarnations.

In order to illustrate how we explore reincarnation, what follows are details of Scott’s take on a possible past life or lives.

Scott enjoys reading historical fiction and in September 2009 he was drawn to read about Genghis Khan and the Mongols, who reigned during the Middle Ages. Between October 2009 and late January 2010 he read the 3-part series by Con Iggulden. While reading historical fiction, Scott sometimes has spontaneous, clear visions of people he knows in this life superimposed over the historical characters. Whether you consider it past lives or current life symbolism, that’s up to you.

Soon after he began reading about Genghis Khan, he happened to see an advertisement for a Genghis Khan exhibit that was to be for a limited time at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, which is about a mile away from his home in Denver.

Scott visited the exhibit in mid January 2009 and spent about 2 hours viewing and reading about the clothing they wore, unique customs and habits, a reconstructed ger (roundish tepee-like dwelling), armor, weapons, and a lot more.

When riding the escalator to the exhibit rooms in the museum, Scott felt an astonishingly sharp pain in his left leg just below the knee (he didn’t recall ever having such pain in that area of his leg and has no related injuries), then, while in the exhibit as he was walking by a video reenactment of a Mongolian battle, one of the characters took a blow to his lower leg before falling. Scott contemplated the possibility of either tapping into the energy of a Mongol warrior, or even living a past life as one.

Over the past year Scott has had periodic visions of wearing a “court-jester” type of boot that curves up 90 degrees at the toe, but they were more practical instead of flamboyant and he didn’t know from what culture they could have been. Then he learned, at the exhibit, that the Mongolians wore that very same type of boot. Was he “channeling” the soul of a former Mongol, or did he live one or more lives as one?

Below are some interesting facts he learned at the Genghis Khan exhibit, along with his related, possible past life insights:

* Denver is home to the largest Mongolian population outside of Mongolia (3500+-).

* Denver has about the same altitude and climate as the capital of Mongolia (although Mongolian winters are more harsh).

* Denver and the capital of Mongolia are both bordered by mountains.

* The Mongols, during the time of Genghis Khan, were in perpetual migration. They disliked staying in one place for too long (Scott likes to move around and has lived in several different areas of the U.S.). They also had the most mobile army in the world at that time due to the fact that they were all on horseback.

* Scott viewed a tobacco pipe in a display case and saw, in his mind’s eye, his grandfather as a Mongol man smoking it. While reading about Genghis Khan, he also had flashes of one of his sisters as a male warrior of an opposing tribe, his grandmother as a fellow male warrior, and his father as a male nephew or younger brother who was interested in shamanism, the arts, civic structure, and writing, more than battle. In addition, he envisioned an additional relative as an underworld boss of one of the larger cities in the Chin Dynasty, who had formed a secret partnership with Genghis Khan.

* A lively part of the exhibit (which was housed in several large museum rooms) was a walkway between two approximately 8’X8′ screens depicting Mongolian battle scenes, including audio. Being in a meditative state while at the exhibit, this experience was mind-blowing and felt all too familiar to Scott.

* Upon entry into the exhibit, a museum staffer handed each attendee one of about 9 different illustrated bookmarks that included a bio of a well-known figure from Genghis Khan’s time (generals, his main wife, etc.). The one they handed to Scott read as follows: “My name is Rathwood. I grew up in a village near Kiev (western reaches of Genghis Khan’s empire). I have a good ear for languages, so I earn my living spying for the Great Khan. One cannot escape the Mongols, even here in Europe.” According to the exhibit, Rathwood was captured by the Austrians, tortured, and put to death. He refused to divulge any information. A past life recurring theme of Scott’s involving espionage made this especially amusing.

* While reading about Genghis Khan, Scott had a vision of a guy he hadn’t seen or thought of since high school as a Mongolian scout. In the vision, the guy rode up on a horse and dismounted to give his scouting report. They worked as busboys in a restaurant as teenagers in this life and the one thing Scott recalls about him is that he said he wanted to be a police officer (which is a modern day warrior of sorts).

* The Mongols were excellent with the bow. One of Genghis Khan’s nephews was honored for his great strength and accuracy–he could hit a target from over 400 yards. The Mongols were so skilled with the bow that they would fire it while standing in the stirrups at a full gallop–when the horse was at that point in its stride when all four of its hooves were in the air–and they could hit a target the size of an orange from 100+ yards. They would also fire the bow at enemies behind them while turned around in the saddle, and over their horse while hanging over the side, protected by their armored horse. Scott recalls learning archery in grade school and did very well with it. He hit all but one bulls-eye in the final test. Could it be a talent nurtured in a past life? You decide.

* When he first moved to Denver, Scott had a very clear, what he interpreted as, past life vision involving the “Archbishop of Canterbury.” On one of the visual time lines at the museum, it displayed how Genghis Khan’s father was killed by a tribal enemy about the same time (around 1200 AD) as the Archbishop of Canterbury (who was killed by the king of England). Genghis Khan was barely a teenager at the time.

It’s interesting that the two most distinct possible past life notions Scott has experienced while in Denver were on the same time line at the museum exhibit. Also on the same time line toward the end of the Mongol empire was an indication of the start of the Aztec empire, which he has also strongly identified with.

In summary, although none of the above past life assertions are verifiable with physical proof, they illustrate possible past lives, or at the very least important current life symbolism. If you follow your heart and strive to be centered through meditative practices (our audios help with that, and also aid past life recall), you’ll see beyond the mundane world and be open to a similar path to self-discovery.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Lariat Loop – Red Rocks

The 36-mile Lariat Loop runs through Morrison, Evergreen and Golden, Colorado, resting on the edge of the Denver metropolitan area. These authentic western towns were major suppliers for miners and trappers in the 1850s. By the early 1900s they also served to supply the tourism industry. Take a trip back in time, starting in Golden and traveling through 19th-century mountain towns to learn about historical pioneer culture and railroad history. You will also discover geological fascinations with dinosaur remains and enjoy a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

The Lariat Loop entrance is marked by two immense stone pillars at the edge of Golden, CO on Lookout Mountain Road. These pillars have stood marking the entrance since 1917. The pin-straight drive on the way to the pillars suddenly gives way to a winding desert road. Driving enthusiasts s are rewarded with 56 sharp turns, including seven hairpin turns. Once known as the Lariat Trail, Lookout Mountain Road twists, winds and rises until you reach the 2,000-foot elevation where you will pass by three parks, Windy Saddle Park, Colorow Mountain Park and Lookout Mountain Nature Center.

Take a right onto Colorow Road in the nature center and you can pay a visit to the Boettcher Mansion. This 1917 summer home and hunting lodge is now the Colorado governor’s home. The Boettcher Mansion has remained largely unchanged from its original construction, but for the addition of a lobby in 1986 and a kitchen remodel in 2007. Self-guided tours are offered weekdays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You can continue down Lookout Mountain Road to reach the Buffalo Bill Grave and Museum. After paying your respects to Buffalo Bill, the road straightens out as you travel towards Genesee Mountain Park, the Denver areas first mountain park. Within the park, you will find the breathtaking Buffalo Overlook. Here you can catch a glimpse of the majestic, once endangered buffalo.

After soaking up the sun and the view at the overlook, continue on the Loop, picking up the Evergreen Parkway, also called Route 74. This winding road will give you views of the lush green pine mountainsides and rich green valley that Evergreen was named after. Take a small side trip to the Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum. Here you can tour the two-story Victorian log home. Built in the 1870s, this National Historic Landmark displaying Victorian family collections, a playhouse, crochet court and other attractions.

When you get back onto the Evergreen Parkway, consider taking some time to stop at Elm Meadow Park. You will see sweeping meadow vistas lined with a mountainous backdrop. Next, head down to the Hiwan Homestead. The homestead dates back to the 1890s and is filled with Native American art. The Hiwan Homestead served as a rustic, informal gathering space for frontiersman in its day. Back on the trail, Evergreen Parkway becomes Bear Creek Road, it takes you past O’Fallon Park, Corwina Park, Lair O’ The Bear Park, Little Park and through Bear Creek Canyon Park and finally Red Rocks Park, all strung along the route like pearls on a necklace.

Red Rocks Park is unique, containing an amphitheatre unlike any other venue. Imagine an outdoor amphitheatre made of rock, surrounded by trails, wildlife and natural rock formations, all bringing natural beauty together with great music.

Continuing on the Lariat Loop, you will find Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, CO. The Dinosaur Ridge Trail is a 1.5-mile exploration of hundreds of dinosaur tracks, bones and other geological formations. Dinosaur Ridge is a National Natural Landmark with over 15 geologic sites for you to explore.

Warning Signs in Farming

The extent and popularity of farming may project it as a safe occupation but this is not so. In fact, farming is quite a dangerous occupation that accounts for nearly 19% fatal injuries across the nation each year although only 1.8% of the population is engaged in such activities. The most common types of farm injuries or accidents are related to machineries and vehicles used; fall from height; handling hazardous substances and interaction with animals.

However, you can certainly minimize the chances of such injuries and accidents around your farm by installing the right type of farm warning signs at appropriate places. Doing so can help you to significantly reduce risk for your own self, your workers and the public at large.

Interaction with Animals

Animals are an integral part of your farm and handling them safely should be your top priority. Most injuries caused to human beings from animals occur while handling them or interacting with them while moving around the farm. Suitable signs placed at appropriate positions can forewarn you, your family members or the general public about the presence of farm animals nearby.

People can then be on their lookout and take the necessary precautions so that they don’t encounter a particularly angry bull all of a sudden. Typical warning signages used in farming include Beware of Animals; CAUTION: Farm Animals; Beware of the Bull or DANGER: Guard Dogs (if you do have dogs that run around your farm).

Dealing with Farm Machineries

Advanced farming depends on myriad machines most of which are found at large scale farms. The tractor, baler, combine harvester, mower, row planter, seed drill, sprayer etc are all useful machines without which your farm work will be severely hampered.

However, using such machines extensively in your regular work is extremely dangerous as a moment’s distraction can prove to be fatal. Often, people moving around the farm are also not aware of the presence of such hazardous machines and trip on them leading to injuries.

Putting up signs at places where machineries are used or kept can help you to reduce such injuries in your farm. Typical farm warning signs for machineries include CAUTION: Farm Machinery Working in This Area, SLOW: Farm Machinery and CAUTION: Farm Machinery.

Handling Hazardous Substances

Working in a farm exposes you, your workers and family members to a host of hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. As part of your regular work, you will come in contact with disinfectants, chemical fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate, veterinary medicines, pesticides, detergents and so on.

Putting up appropriate signs can make people aware of the presence of such hazardous chemicals in their vicinity and take necessary precautions. Typical signs include DANGER: HAZARDOUS CHECMICALS; CAUTION: CHEMICAL STORAGE ONLY: No Food or Drink in this Unit; WARNING PESTICIDES; Fire Will Cause Toxic Fumes, WARNING: HAZARDOUS MATERIALS STORAGE AREA, WARNING: HAZARDOUS WASTE etc.

General Signs

Farms are quite expansive and some of them have important roads adjacent to them or right of way through them. In such cases, there will a lot of uncontrolled movement around the farm which can be dangerous both for the farm workers and for the general public. Warning signs appropriate for such situations include DRIVE SLOWLY FARMYARD; FARM AHEAD; PRIVATE FARM KEEP OFF; CONCEALED FARM ENTRANCE etc.

Evacuation Plans For A Fire In A Zoo


A zoo, commonly known as zoological garden or zoological park (sometimes called menagerie) is a facility where animals of all kinds are confined within a given enclosures and they are kept for exhibition to the public. In this regard, if you are on holidays, you can visit the nearest Zoo and spend your leisure time enjoying the beauty of wildlife. Unfortunately, there are some instances when your holiday in the Zoo is cut short by the occurrence of flames and fire! In that case, what are you supposed to do? In other words, what are the evacuation plans for a fire in a Zoo?

Well, if the unfortunate happens, you have to save both your life and that of the animals in the garden. In this regard, the following are some of the standards and acceptable evacuation plans that have to be followed any other time whenever a fire strikes a Zoo:

1. Raise an alarm

As soon as signs of fire is realised in a Zoo, an alarm should be raised immediately to alert all the people of the incoming danger.

2. Get people out of the Zoo

As a matter of fact, the first thing is to get people out of the Zoo. Ideally, every place where the public is supposed to visit must have a fire assemble ground. Therefore, as soon as a fire alarm is raised at the Zoo, people are advised to assemble in the respective fire assembly grounds. From there, head count follows and whoever is missing is traced immediately. If there is anybody who is injured, then first aid is administered as soon as possible. Thereafter, people should be moved out of the fire-risk place to safer grounds for more directions.

3. Moving the animals into other places which are safe

The next evacuation plan in case of a fire outbreak in a Zoo is to save the animals. Ideally, a well-designed Zoo has other safe shelters in the Zoo ground that is reserved for emergency cases. However, evacuating animals could be a challenge because some of them are incredibly dangerous and incredibly stressful to move. For instance, it is not easy to try to load a giraffe onto a trailer since it could panic and even cause severe injuries to itself that can lead to death. Nevertheless, some Zoos have planned well for such circumstances by making sure that it has the required structures on the ground such as the lion’s tunnel, the giraffe’s barn, and so on.

4. Save properties

As soon as people and animals are in a safer ground, then the next step is to save properties. In a Zoo, there must a team of well-trained firefighters who are ready to quickly respond to the fire outbreak anywhere at any time. In this regard, the fire-rescue team should have the right fire fighting equipment to be in a better position to contain the fire. If the team manages to put off the fire, then properties will be saved as well.


From the above overview of evacuation procedure, it is advisable for the public to be conversant with such plans and aware of the mandatory signs to stay safe whenever there is a fire outbreak in a Zoo. Otherwise, life and properties will be lost if the above plans are not followed.

Importance Of Supermarket Fire Exit Signs

Supermarket fire exit signs are one of the most important types of signs in this premises. Imagine you are in the supermarket and it catches fire or the alarm goes off. You are probably going to start panicking in cold sweat as you try to figure out your way out from the building. If such a thing happens, the arrows on the signs will tell you where to go instead of panicking and going somewhere else you should not go.

Without them in the supermarket, the risk of danger would be considerably higher. Chances are that you will end up taking a wrong path that would lead you to a dead-end. You may even start running around the supermarket in panic if you do not see a sign pointing towards safety. The risk on your life would be much higher. You might easily get trapped inside the supermarket, or you may end up in a different corridor that does not lead out of the building.

The UK has very strict fire regulations. It is mandatory for all types of buildings, including supermarkets, to have fire exits signs. Some people usually take the extra precaution of including fire arrow signs in the signs which easily lead people to the exit door. This signs should be hanged carefully. Special attention needs to be paid to their height to make sure that they are very visible to everyone that is in the supermarket.

In the UK, it is mandatory for every supermarket to have them that are visible and can be easily found. The signs should have the words “fire exit” as well as the fire symbol on them. It is illegal to display signs that only have the words without the symbol on them. Photo luminescent signs should be used if the supermarket does not have their emergency lighting installed.

There are cases where the fire exit signs usually become invisible or forgotten by employees who work in the supermarkets. They slowly start blending in and eventually become unnoticed. Some of them end up obstructing them with items such as boxes, garbage containers and other items that can slow down the progression of getting to safety from the supermarket in the event of an emergency.

It is important to make sure that the hallway, stairwell or ramp that leads to the exits in the supermarket stays clear and accessible all the time. If these areas are blocked, there would be little time to remove the obstructions so as to get to safety, especially if the items are so large and need to be moved by more than one person. These obstructions could also lead to potentially greater hazards should someone trip and get injured when they are running to safety.

Supermarket fire exit signs are a very important safety precaution since they can save lives if a fire emergency occurs. It is very important that they are displayed in the supermarket in such a manner that everyone can see and understand them.

Flat Roofs and Hail Damage

Flat roofs are often the most susceptible to hail damage. In fact most types of flat roof do not even come with a hail rating. This either means that the material has not been tested, or that it wont hold up long under hail storms. This does not mean that there aren’t flat systems that hold up admirably.

To show the differences in roofing materials, I am going to compare three common flat roof systems. One is rubber roofing. This stuff is usually around a half inch or more thick and instead of being adhered to the roof, it is mechanically fastened with screws. This requires a further layer of insulation to complete the roof system. My Denver roofing company found hundreds of large diameter hail impacts because of the soft rubber material in one example. However, there were no leaks on this building.

PVC roofs do not hold up as well from hailstorms because they are so brittle. You actually want a slightly flexible material if that material is not very strong. In once case, our roofing contractors in Denver found impacts that looked like shattered glass. Hail can go right through thin PVC. This immediately causes leaks and water damage. So make sure you use thick, impact resistant PVC in hail regions.

Rubberized asphalt is a construction system that performs well under hail conditions. Rubber is mixed in with the asphalt to increase the life and elasticity of asphalt. Asphalt’s main weakness is that it dries and cracks over time, so this attempts to combat this. It will not completely protect underlying fiber glass roofing, mainly because of how thin it is. However they generally do protect from hail pretty well. My roofing contractors in Denverrecommends gravel surfacing to be added to the bitumen or rubber for maximum weather protection. Gravel is very strong compared to other built up roofs. A rock will always be harder than ice. The rocks absorb the energy from the hail instead of having the fragile roofing material do the job.

Generally a well built gravel built up roof never has any problems with hail damage. Other strong roofs include metal roofs, which may dent but rarely need to be replaced. Coated acrylic foam roofs are actually some of the toughest roofing materials out there. High density foam will absorb and dissipate pretty much any hail stone. To really get a strong roof, you could substitute river rocks for gravel on any of the built up roofs. This results in a much heavier but basically impervious roof.