Natural Cures For Insomnia To Sleep Like A Baby

Do you toss and turn every night? Can not sleep properly and easily? You may have insomnia.

Insomnia, unbeknownst to us is due to depression or mood disorders. Popping pills may an immediate relief, however, the danger of getting reliant on sleeping pills is always there and the real cause of insomnia will not be resolved. This might make the problem even worse, insomniacs will never be able to sleep without the aid of sleeping pills, so further depression will develop. In this case, natural cures for insomnia are your best bet.

Mood is developed by the body, the body has energy flowing in it, meaning the energy influences our mood. With this in mind, making sure that the energy is being used properly is an utmost goal.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about energy healing, is pranic healing. This natural cure for insomnia is all about life energy or "prana". This method came from the belief that our body has the power to heal itself so, healing is just being accelerated by increasing the rate of self-recovery. A "no touch" method, these works like acupuncture only no needles are needed. In this modality, the practiceer remove the barriers in the energy flow of our body and then charging the area with high frequency to allow faster healing.

Our mood is directly correlated with our heart which is the fourth chakra, according to chakra healing, another natural cure for insomnia. In this method, the heart chakra is the focus of the therapy. The healer will create a balance in the chakra by using jade, emerald or rose quartz. They may also disclose you to do yoga or meditation, which both help in balancing the energy flow in this area.

Doing healing on your own is another natural cure for insomnia. Affirmations can help remove depression and anxiety, with this, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique can be of good use. In this healing method, you tap yourself in areas of your body while saying affirmations, positive things about yourself. EFT helps you recognize your inabilities while still telling yourself that you're valued. In this way, your body and mind develops peacefulness and gains a sense of acceptance.

All of these natural cures for insomnia involves healing the heart and making energy flow through it properly therefore, taking good care of our heart is essential in having a balanced and healthy life.

A sound sleep is a good sign of achieving that balance.