Importance Of Supermarket Fire Exit Signs

Supermarket fire exit signs are one of the most important types of signs in this premises. Imagine you are in the supermarket and it catches fire or the alarm goes off. You are probably going to start panicking in cold sweat as you try to figure out your way out from the building. If such a thing happens, the arrows on the signs will tell you where to go instead of panicking and going somewhere else you should not go.

Without them in the supermarket, the risk of danger would be considerably higher. Chances are that you will end up taking a wrong path that would lead you to a dead-end. You may even start running around the supermarket in panic if you do not see a sign pointing towards safety. The risk on your life would be much higher. You might easily get trapped inside the supermarket, or you may end up in a different corridor that does not lead out of the building.

The UK has very strict fire regulations. It is mandatory for all types of buildings, including supermarkets, to have fire exits signs. Some people usually take the extra precaution of including fire arrow signs in the signs which easily lead people to the exit door. This signs should be hanged carefully. Special attention needs to be paid to their height to make sure that they are very visible to everyone that is in the supermarket.

In the UK, it is mandatory for every supermarket to have them that are visible and can be easily found. The signs should have the words “fire exit” as well as the fire symbol on them. It is illegal to display signs that only have the words without the symbol on them. Photo luminescent signs should be used if the supermarket does not have their emergency lighting installed.

There are cases where the fire exit signs usually become invisible or forgotten by employees who work in the supermarkets. They slowly start blending in and eventually become unnoticed. Some of them end up obstructing them with items such as boxes, garbage containers and other items that can slow down the progression of getting to safety from the supermarket in the event of an emergency.

It is important to make sure that the hallway, stairwell or ramp that leads to the exits in the supermarket stays clear and accessible all the time. If these areas are blocked, there would be little time to remove the obstructions so as to get to safety, especially if the items are so large and need to be moved by more than one person. These obstructions could also lead to potentially greater hazards should someone trip and get injured when they are running to safety.

Supermarket fire exit signs are a very important safety precaution since they can save lives if a fire emergency occurs. It is very important that they are displayed in the supermarket in such a manner that everyone can see and understand them.