"Same Kind of Different As Me" Book Review

Those who feel called to minister to the homeless will love this story. It is a literal dream come true. The memoir is filled with stories some people may not believe but I do. There is both good and evil in this world. We forget it wasn’t long ago injustice was just the way it was in America.

I was born post civil rights when technology began to change our world. The country was a different place before I was born. Denver was born on a plantation in Louisiana that time forgot.

Near the end of the story, Ron traveled back to that place in Louisiana with Denver and was shocked by what he saw. Denver was older than Ron but their worlds had been vastly different growing up. Ron also grew up picking cotton but he was white and went on to college and career in a land of opportunity.

Denver never attended school or learned to read and write. He ran away from the plantation near the age of thirty and spent ten years at Angola prison for attempting to rob a bus. After prison, he spent many years homeless in Texas but felt that was better that where he had been.

God brought Deborah, Ron and Denver together. It was literally a match made in heaven. It was laid on Deborah’s heart that they should volunteer at their local mission and befriend a specific man. She later died of cancer and the two men continued to bond as friends, draw closer to God and continue working to improve conditions for the homeless the mission served.

After Deborah’s death, enough money was raised to renovate the mission and included a new memorial chapel in her honor by donors. Denver began painting and traveling with Ron to share their story. They eventually got it written down in book form.

In 2017, it was released as a movie. I didn’t get to see it in the theater but as soon as it is released on DVD, I will get it and have my tissue box ready to use. I know I will be bawling the entire time. I love these kind of stories because I’ve had similar experiences. Mine will never become books or movies or have an ending but I understand the hearts behind them. It’s like when you’re reading or watching the story, someone gets you.

That someone is God. He knows all of our stories.

Pros and Cons of Taxis and Shuttles

The city of Denver is a great tourist attraction and has so much to offer in terms of sight-seeing. Places like Red Rocks Park, Denver Art museum, 16th Street Mall, Denver Botanic Gardens, State Capitol Building, Washington Park and Coors Field Baseball stadium have become great spots of attraction for tourists and residents of the city alike. The city also has one of the most extensive and well planned professional transportation facilities to match the in-flow of tourists every year and to help the residents of Denver around the city.

Many well reputed rentals and agencies of transportation services Denver co have been established over the years that have rendered professional transportation services to tourist and residents of Denver. In this article, two main ways of transportation in Denver namely Denver taxi or Denver shuttle would be discussed.

City and airport shuttles have specific stops all over the city. Buses and shuttles leave at regular intervals from different stops and passengers can take the shuttle servicing their route. If you are new to Denver or have not used a shuttle service before then you can Google different shuttle numbers, routes and services. This way you would know which bus or shuttle to take and can switch buses and shuttles in case you need to hop down a stop early or need to move to a different route. A little research can go a long way and will help you commute better.

Denver taxi service is another very efficient and convenient way of traveling. You can either hail a cab by waving it down by the road side or you can call up a booking service and have a cab delivered to your doorstep. You can also go online, search for a reliable and reputable cab company listed under transportation service Denver co and make an online booking. Tourists can also hire a taxi cab as their personal tour car and can ask the company for different deals or packages.

Where everything has so many pros there are also a few cons here and there. One of the biggest problems of taking a shuttle is that it makes stops at regular intervals which might be inconvenient for a lot of people. It is also not very time effective with the frequent stops that it makes. Some people also find sharing a public transportation with strangers uncomfortable. Similarly, although taking a cab can be convenient yet some cab companies charge more than the reasonable fare and passengers may find themselves in disputes when time for payment comes.

Everything has a few pros and cons and where Denver taxi and Denver shuttle have a couple of cons, these are no doubt a very good and expedient way of traveling.

High Schools Should Be Able To Dispense Contraceptives

Officials in charge of schools in Denver are being asked whether health clinics operating schools in Denver should be able to dispense contraceptives to students. There are some very convincing reasons why they should be allowed to do so.

Health Clinics at Denver Schools Provide Needed Services

In order to effectively provide healthcare services, clinics, such as the ones located in schools in Denver, should be able to respond to the needs of their patients. One need high school students is for contraceptives. Young people attending Denver schools who are considering becoming sexually active information information and advice about sexually-transmitted diseases and prevention of pregnancy.

I would not think that the workers at the clinics will be providing contraceptive to students without providing some form of counseling as well. Students at schools in Denver are not likely to approach their parents for advice and may be more comfortable speaking with a professional about their questions or concerns. Some of these young people may decide to postpone becoming intimate with someone as a result of these conversations.

In the past, ignoring the issue of teen sexuality did not make it go away, Instead, it meant that young people had a greater chance of having to deal with the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy. Let's admit that there is a need for information and contraceptives among Denver students and be done with it.

Then we can move on to figure out how to deliver these much needed services most effectively, so that those people attending Denver schools get the help they need. No one is going to be given information or contraceptives against their will; it's just another service that the health clinic will provide to Denver students.

Denver Schools Have Opportunity to Lead the Way in Health Education

If Denver schools allow the clinics to make contraceptives available, they will be taking an important step towards making this much-needed information available to students in other districts. Whether adults want to admit it or not, some teens will become sexually active at a young age. We may not be able to prevent students at Denver schools from making that choice, but we can help them to be practice safer sex if they decide to go ahead.

It would be far better to provide the needed information in a way that those attending schools in Denver can get easily and conveniently than to continue to prepare that these things do not happen. We are not going to be able to stamp out teen sexual activity; that's just a fact. Instead, let Denver schools give young people the information and products that they need to make responsible choices.

Winter Park Ski Resort

One of America’s oldest ski areas, Winter Park Resort is perhaps best known for its close proximity to Denver. In fact, the resort, which is located just 65 miles from Denver, was until recently owned and operated by the City of Denver. In 2002, Denver entered into an agreement with Intrawest, ULC to manage the resort.

Winter Park Ski Area opened in time for the 1939-40 ski season. Until 2009, a rail line from Denver known as the “ski train” shuttled Denver residents to the resort where many of them learned to ski for the first time.

Winter Park Ski Resort is located near the city of Winter Park, Colorado. The city has a year-round population of just 662 as of the 2000 census, but the population swells during the ski season with seasonal residents, workers and tourists. In addition there are several small towns in close proximity around the Fraser Valley and Grand County where Winter Park is located. Granby, where Granby Ranch Resort and SolVista Basin Ski Resort are located is only a few miles away.

The area has a growing reputation as a year-round recreational area. Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular area for hiking, backpacking and camping. Local ski areas including nearby SolVista Basin operate during the summer to carry mountain bikers to the tops of mountain trails where they can enjoy descending challenging terrain among beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery.

The area is also home to several golf courses, planned vacation home communities, fishing streams and summer music and culture festivals. It has become a favorite location for Denver residents to construct weekend vacation homes, but also provides a large inventory of vacation rentals including homes, cabins and condominiums.

Winter Park consists of three main peaks interconnected by lifts including Mary Jane and Vasquez Ridge. Only Mary Jane has a separate base and is home to some of the resort’s more challenging terrain including moguls, tree skiing and Parsenn Bowl.

Vasquez Cirque was a popular backcountry ski area and was accessible only by hiking from the top of Mary Jane, but is now serviced since 2006 by a new triple chair lift.

For beginner skiers, children or those who are afraid of heights, Winter Park provides a number of surface and conveyor lifts. These consist of rope tow lifts (where the skier is pulled up the surface of the slope by a handle attached to a rope) and three conveyor lifts (where the skier stands on a large conveyor belt).

Under Intrawest’s management, Winter Park is being developed into a much more well-rounded resort instead of just being a day ski area. New development includes hundreds of mountainside condos, new restaurants and renovated food service, a family swim center, miniature golf, a climbing wall and an alpine slide.

Winter Park is expected to continue its growth for the foreseeable future due to its easy access from a major metropolitan area and international airport and due to its beautiful scenery and favorable geography. It will continue to be a favorite vacation and recreation destination for Americans and for people from around the world who want to enjoy the beauty and recreational opportunities to be found in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Top 3 Dollar Movie Theaters In Denver

There are a large number of theaters in Denver. Unfortunately, movie ticket prices have skyrocketed over time so sometimes it’s nice to have a night out on the movies without selling off your firstborn. The traditional Denver dollar theaters are a nice solution to be able to have a movie date for 2 for under $20. Usually the "dollar" theaters show later run movies for as little as $2.50 for a matinee. There are only a few of these low cost theaters in the Denver Metro area. So where can a Denverite go to enjoy a cheap movie?

1. Elvis Cinemas Tiffany Plaza

Elvis Cinemas Tiffany Plaza, also known as Tiffany Plaza Movies 6 is located on Tamarac and East Hampden Ave. The movies are $2.50 to watch main stream popular movies during matinee and $3.50 during prime time. The movies aren’t the latest releases, however they are a month or two behind the latest releases. There isn’t stadium seating, as well as high end digital sound, so you won’t have the same movie experience as you would in the latest AMC theater joint. This theater also isn’t the cleanest out there and the ambient noise is a bit louder than your mainstream theaters, but it certainly is a cheap date night… especially if you sneak in your own snacks, however with the concession prices being so low, it really isn’t worth the effort.

2. Elvis Cinemas Littleton

This is an older theater located just off of Kipling and Bowles. Unlike the mainstream theaters, and you purchase your tickets at the concession stand along with your snacks, but the price for tickets and snacks is also very affordable. The price for tickets is $2.50 for a matinee and $3.50 for primetime. The concessions are very reasonable as well and for this theater, a night for 2 can easily be under $20.

The theater can be a bit on the unclean side as compared to your modern theaters. There isn’t stadium seating available as this is an older theater, so don’t sit behind a tall person.

3. Arvada Elvis Cinemas

If you are one who doesn’t need to see a movie on it’s debut night, you can go to Arvada and catch a movie at the Elvis Cinemas in Arvada (located on 64th and Sheridan). As with the other dollar theaters, this one doesn’t have stadium seating as well, however this theater is relatively clean. The concessions are more reasonably priced than what you would find in the larger theaters as well, so a night out for 2 could end up being $15 including concessions. Tickets at this theater cost $2.50 for a matinee and $3.50 for prime time, which is the same as the other 2 theaters.

As you can see, the concept of the Denver dollar theater has really turned into $2.50 theater due to inflation, but compared to the $10.50 you pay for a movie ticket, you will certainly save a lot money for a movie night out. Even the price of the concessions at these theaters is much cheaper than what you would be charged at the regular theaters. Most of the movies that play at these theaters have already been playing for a couple of months are are being removed from the main stream theater circuit, but have not been released onto DVD yet. So to enjoy an inexpensive night out at the movies in Denver, these theaters are a great solution.

Notes On A Scandal – February 1976

Notes on a scandal…February 1976 … a look back at music and celebrity history

JOHN DENVER: “I Enjoy Hash!”

Reported in Rona Barrett’s Hollywood, February 1976, the all-American boy, singer “John Denver” recently shocked the nation when he announced that he doesn’t get all his “highs” from the Rocky Mountains.

In a recent visit to Australia, Denver is quoted as saying, “sure, I enjoy hash, I use it. I have a lot of fun with the stuff.” As reported, Denver was referring to the drug “hash,” which (was stated,) is the strongest part of the marijuana plant.

“But it’s like alcohol,” he went on to explain. “It should be handled with responsibility. You shouldn’t let it get out of hand. You can get stoned on marijuana…but you can get high just being up in the mountains. He went on to say, “I’m not suggesting that kids ought to use it, I’m just saying that I use it and I don’t figure it’s doing me any harm. Everyone should make up their own mind on that sort of thing.”

The article goes on to say that his comments came as a complete surprise to his legions of fans who considered him one of their leading organic, homespun citizens. After his comments were heard around the world, countries expressed their surprise and disappointment over the singer’s announcement. After a press conference upon Denver’s arrival in Australia, an Australian newspaper reported that Denver’s comments “endangered” his status in the country. The Reverend Fred Nile, director of Australia’s “Festival of Light,” stated that he felt that Denver should be deported if he continued to smoke marijuana in Sydney: “He should be dealt with in the same way as other pop stars caught with drugs,” he said.

The article finishes with: “the ‘clean-cut’ image Denver worked for so many years to achieve looks like it may be gone forever…Far-out!”


One of the world’s best-known and best loved performers of the 60’s and 70’s, John Denver, earned international acclaim as a songwriter, performer, actor, environmentalist and humanitarian. Spanning three decades, he received many music awards as well as honours, including the prestigious Albert Schweitzer Music Award in 1993 and being inducted into the American Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 1996.

In 1963, Denver left home and moved to Los Angeles to be a part of the nascent California music scene. With his new home came a new name. The former Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. chose the stage name John Denver, in homage to the beautiful Rocky Mountain capital city of his home state, Colorado. He never looked back.

In no time Denver was climbing the Pop charts with songs like “Take me Home, Country Roads,” “Rocky Mountain High,” “Sunshine On My Shoulders,” “Annie’s Song,” “Thank God I’m A Country Boy,” and “Calypso.” These Pop-hits, (today’s background music for the geriatric crowd) cemented his position as one of the decade’s top pop stars. During his peak, sales included 14 gold, and 8 platinum albums in the U.S. as well as numerous gold and platinum sales overseas.

On October 12, 1997, Denver was killed when the Long-EZ aircraft he was piloting ran out of fuel just off the coast of California – although the experimental aircraft is designed for fuel-efficient long range flight and can fly over ten hours and up to 1,600 miles on 52 gallons of fuel (it is equipped with a rear fuel tank which allows a Long-EZ to fly for 4,800 miles.) Although Denver was an experienced pilot, he had only flown the Long-EZ for a one-half hour orientation flight the day before the accident.

Prior to the accident, the FAA found that Denver did not meet the medical standards prescribed in Part 67 of the Federal Aviation Regulations due to his ongoing drinking problem, and a determination was made that he was not qualified for any class of medical standards at the time of the accident. Reports state that there was little left of the wreckage and that dental records were needed to identify the pilot as John Denver.

Choosing an Outdoor Wedding Venue in Denver

With almost year-round sunny weather, Denver is a favorite location for outdoor weddings. There is a wide array of outdoor venues to host your big day from magnificent gardens to historic buildings and cultural centers. Here’s a look at some of the popular ones:

If you want the best views of Denver’s skyline, nothing beats the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Specifically, there are four lounges here that are available for wedding ceremonies and receptions with the fourth floor, called the Sky Terrace, strictly for receptions. You can hold your ceremony in one of the floors below and then have a dramatic evening reception at the Sky Terrace with the beautiful sunset and the starry night sky as the perfect backdrop.

Looking for a fun outdoor venue that is out of the ordinary? Consider one of the four unique venues in the Denver Zoo. There’s the Conoco Zoo Gardens which is an open pavilion with a view of cheetahs and elephants; the African-themed Primate Panorama where the primates reside and is only available for evening affairs; the Northern Shores where you will be surrounded by views of sea lions and polar bears; and the Samburu Patio for small wedding parties and overlooks predators.

For sophisticated outdoor weddings in Denver with an historic appeal, the Phipps Mansion is a perfect venue. The University of Denver now owns this 5-acre estate, which has gorgeous flower gardens, fountains and vast lawns. The mansion is of the Georgian period with a glass-ceiling atrium and an outside courtyard where you can hold an intimate wedding ceremony. You can rent the venue for a four-hour period on a weekday or for a brunch or evening wedding on a weekend.

For the classic outdoor weddings Denver, the ultimate venue is no other than the Denver Botanic Gardens where there are five separate gardens to choose from: The All American Selections Garden already has a tent as well as an indoor seating. The private Woodland Mosaic Garden is perfect for intimate weddings with up to 50 guests. For even fewer guests of 15 to 20 people, the ideal place is Water Garden Gazebo. For big summer and spring weddings with up to 125 guests, choose the Romantic Gardens and for a unique garden venue, choose the South African Plaza.

When choosing venues for outdoor weddings in Denve, it will help greatly to decide ahead of the search what type of wedding it will be so it will be easy to make a short list of prospect sites. Lastly, don’t rely solely on photos of the venue. You must visit each of your prospect sites personally.

Wonderful Churches in Colorado and Denver

Colorado is a state situated in United States. This state was named after the famous Colorado River. This State is well known for its vivid landscape of plateaus, mountains and rivers. Denver is the capital of Colorado and is home to world class museums and spectacular visual arts. If you are planning for a trip to Colorado and Denver then do not miss the wonderful Churches here. In most of the churches, single people above the age of eighteen are automatically included in the main congregation, but this service is never seen in smaller churches in Denver, Colorado.

Northern Hills Christian Church located in the Denver area in Brighton, Colorado is a large sized independent church with contemporary worship. There are two venues on the same campus where everyone can come together and worship Jesus. Every Sunday the Church performs Biblical teaching and singing to God.

Pathways, Wash Park Church located in Denver, Colorado is a medium sized independent Church with contemporary worship. If you are a kind of person who wants to spend some time for God, then you must visit this Church as people here not only attend the worship services but they even join groups and discuss about the services. You can even volunteer to serve other fellowmen and you can even participate in a community event and discuss with other people who are seeking to follow Christ.

New City Church is a famous Church located in Denver, Colorado and is a medium sized independent Church with contemporary worship. The Church Ministry here consists mostly of children which makes the atmosphere warm and fun. The worship services are great and the teaching is rich and relevant.

The First Baptist Church is a Denver tourist attraction which is visited be many people throughout the year. There are ministries to meet the spiritual needs of every age. This Church attracts tourists mainly because of its history of its impressive pipe organ. The organ was donated by Senator Emerson Richards soon after World War II ended.

Assumption Greek Orthodox Cathedral is a striking building situated in the University Park area of Denver. This Cathedral is famous for its large golden dome and beautifully decorated interiors. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was founded 150 years ago. Situated in the City Park area, Denver, it is famous for its breathtaking architecture with twin spires, stained glass windows and its large cavernous interior which can hold more than 1,400 people at a time. Denver’s Ivy Chapel is situated on the eastern side of the city. Its classical Neo-Gothic architecture is just impressive.

Saint Cajetan’s Church is a catholic church which holds regular Spanish Catholic Services. This Church is now been used for theatrical productions and seasonal events. Saint Elizabeth’s Church holds regular parish Church services. This beautiful church has become a major landmark in the Auraria area and has even gained a place in Denver’s National register of historic places. Saint Ignatius Church situated in the uptown area of Denver, Colorado is well known for its attractive architecture and striking twin spires.

Denver is a modern and prosperous city and is home to numerous landmarks, monuments and historical attractions. While staying here you must take a look at the attractive Churches, Cathedrals and Catholic Buildings of the historic city of Denver. In these Churches you can just walk in and breathe deeply which will make you feel extremely relaxed.

Denver Business Travelers – A Few Things to Know and Do While Visiting

The number one thing to know about Denver is the weather can be fickle. Summer rain off the mountains is always cold even in the city. Mountain temperatures are about ten degrees cooler than the city and even colder if you plan on going higher than 10,000 feet. Coloradans love to layer. Bring a swimsuit for a soak in a mountain hot springs. In Denver you are a close closer to the sun, so bringing sunblock and sunglasses.

To guarantee your visit is a pleasant and healthy one, drink lots of water. If you have a headache or feel dizzy or tired, it is probably the altitude. The best prevention and cure is to drink lots of water. Yes, you will be out of breath going upstairs or walking uphill. Your body is acclimating to the altitude. Just pace yourself and drink more water, especially if you go to the even higher mountains.

Getting around an unfamiliar city can be unnerving. Lucky for you Denver is on a grid system. Unlucky for you the downtown area, where many business meetings are held, is skewed at an angle different from the rest of the city. You can walk around easily and safely. You can hop onto the lightrail or the 16th Street Mall shuttle. Hotels should have a layout of downtown and info on transport alternatives.

If you want to venture outside downtown, remember the mountains are always west of Denver. From there you can figure out the other directions. As a visitor the roads to know depend upon what you want to do. The gold-domed capitol is close to downtown (take the shuttle to Broadway). It has a stair marking a mile high (5280 feet above sea level) with good views of the mountains. To get a sense of Colorado's history, two blocks south on Broadway is the Colorado Historical Society. Across from that is the library and the art museum. The Molly Brown House at 1340 Pennsylvania is about a half mile east of downtown. Theaters are downtown, stadiums are close by.

If you have a car, Coors Brewery is due west. Take 6th Avenue to Golden. While near Golden visit the Colorado Railroad Museum. Take 6th Avenue further west to Hwy 119 for the gambling towns of Blackhawk and Central City. If you want to see something truly unique, check out the dinosaur tracks a quarter mile past C470 on West Alameda along Dinosaur Ridge. Visit the Red Rocks Park outdoor amphitheater just south of there to see how Colorado got its name (red rocks). To get away from crowds travel seven and a half miles south of downtown on Santa Fe Drive and stroll through Hudson Gardens (small fee) across from the community college. You can bring a picnic lunch. Close to downtown is Confluence Park, where the Platte River and Cherry Creek meet. Rent a bike, roller blade or walk the path. If you have the time, Rocky Mountain National Park (72 miles from Denver) will give you a good idea why we all live here. Closer and equally awe-inspiring is the drive up to Mt. Evans. Call for times and road openings.

Avenues in Denver run east and west and streets run north and south. Boulevards, parkways and drives are main thoroughfares. North of Ellsworth, avenues are numbered 1-120th, except Colfax (1500 N). West of Broadway, the streets use a single alphabet beginning with Indian tribes-Acoma, Bannock, Cherokee, etc. On the east side of Broadway, east of Colorado Boulevard (4000E), we use a double alphabet, two "A" streets, two "B" streets, etc. Between Broadway and Colorado there is no pattern. The Cherry Creek shopping district two to three miles southeast of downtown, where many visitors love to go, can be reached by taking the Speer Boulevard diagonal or the bike path from downtown.

That should keep you busy and entertained, unless you really did come for business! Perhaps you should plan on staying a little longer.

Enjoying Summer In Denver

During the beautiful summer season in Denver, days do not pass by without fun because of several festivals that are scattered in the summer calendar. All of these occur in one amazing place from Memorial Day up to the Labor Day, the weekends are jam-packed with arts, entertainment, food, and the distinctive Denver twist.

The Downtown Denver Arts Festival is held at Memorial Day weekend, and it features the best of all the visual artists in Colorado. More than a hundred of artists around the state exhibits and sells their works all weekend long. People are invited to come and meet the artists and join hundreds of thousands of people that partake in the festival.

The Capitol Hill People’s Fair is a celebration of the diverse urban community of Denver. The distinctiveness and allure of Capitol Hill People’s Fair is created by the blending of great family fun, sensibly chosen handmade crafts and works, sumptuous delicacies, lively entertainment and the commitment of raising funds for promoting the missions of non-profit organizations.

If you want to have a taste of Italy, then you can have it right at Denver. The annual Denver Chalk Art Festival takes you to Italy without crossing the ocean. The art that you will encounter during the festival is not in the galleries, but it is on the pavement. As one of Denver summer events, it features more than a hundred of both professional and amateur artists who spend hours on creating their masterpiece on the streets with vivid pastel chalks.

Another Denver summer events is the Colorado Black Arts Festival, on the other hand, is a three-day festival that presents a wide array of exciting African-American arts and its cultural contributions to the American culture. Art pieces adorn the grounds and live music including jazz, hip hop, RnB, and others from the African culture will make the festival more enchanting.

Jazz Fest Denver turns up the heat and makes the heart of Denver beat vigorously. The newly built City Hall Events Center Amphitheater was designed for jazz concerts, with great seats and acoustics. This is a such great event center in Denver Colorado for summer festivals.